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Deploying a new product requires generally a specific marking on it, depending on the geographical location of the addressed market, attesting its compliance regarding applicable standards and regulations. The "FCC" mark for example, employed on electronic products for the USA market, certifies that the device is approved by the Federal Communication Commission.

The evaluation of the compliance, more commonly named certification, is conducted generally by authorized agencies and/or laboratories. It consists of a standardized series of tests, covering different aspects related to the nature of the product. Standalone connected products, are mainly certified in terms of, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), electrical security and radio.

Certification requires usually the constitution of a technical reports to enable the evaluation of the product, as well as a number of administrative requirements depending on the type of certification to pass.

In order to optimize the time to market of your new connected device, it is highly recommended to carry out tests and pre-qualification, to guarantee an optimum cost and time certification, to ensure the conformity of the product, before moving on to the official certification process.

Certification experience of connected products, capitalized during more than a decad, covering the majority of the world markets (CE/Europe, C-Tik/Australia, IC/Canada, FCC/USA, ARIB/Japan…), allow us to accompany you efficiently in your certification process.

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