antenna design simulationAn optimized antenna, guarantees connected device radiated performance, necessary to reach optimum communication range. The key element from systems and users point of view, defined as the maximum distance allowing a reliable radio link.

Product radiated performances are intimately linked to antenna integration environment, that’s why antenna design must starts at the earliest stages of the connected project development, specifying its type (printed, wired, CMS...), allocated space and its optimum location in the product housing according to others product components (PCB, battery, wires…).anechoic chamber certification

Our experienced engineers will be pleased to accompany you in the choice and integration of your standard or custom design antenna to fit your specific application constraints.

Through our qualified partners, we are able to make all tests and measurements commonly conducted in anechoic chamber, to characterize antenna performances (Gain, radiation pattern…) and product radiation ( power, harmonics, spurious…) in a nominally free field conditions.

Specifying antenna according to the available space in device housing at the end of the project, explain often the poor radiated performances achieved regarding to specification and communication range expected by systems and final users.

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