All wireless connected devices are based at least on one radio solution, a hardware platform associated with a radio protocol, which could be standard or proprietary as: BLE, LoRa, LTE-M, NB-IOT...

Our recognized expertise in wireless technologies, allow us to accompany you efficiently in the choice and integration of the hardware and software bricks of the connectivity solution, which meets the needs of your specific application.

KiCad-PCB-2.pngThrough our staff, we put at your disposal more than a decade of experience in design and integration of custom and standard radio solutions, covering a wide range of applications, as: home automation, alarm and security, metering, tracking…

Throughout your connected projects, regardless of their maturity degree, we are able to accompany you during your innovation process, by taking in charge all or part of the steps below, starting from the expression of your needs (translation of application needs into technical specification), up to the final product and/or solution deployment: 

    • Feasibility studies
    • Architecture
    • Benchmarks and key components choices (RF chips, radio module, front-end, discrete/integrated…)
    • Electronic Schematic
    • Layout
    • Prototyping
    • RF performances optimization (power/sensitivity/consumption…)
    • Industrialization
    • Production and test strategy
    • Integration (interfacing, power management, antenna, layout…)
    • Antenna design
    • Standards and compliance


Antenna performances are intimately linked to its integration, that’s why it is very important to include the antenna study, at the beginning of the connected product creating process.

Antenna design must start at the earliest stages of the connected project development, specifying its type (printed, wired, CMS...), allocated space and its optimum location in the product housing, according to others product components (PCB, battery, wires…).

An optimized antenna, guarantees connected device radiated performances, necessary to reach optimum communication range. The key element from systems and users point of view, defined as the maximum distance allowing a reliable radio link.

Specifying antenna according to the available space in device housing at the end of projects, explain often the poor radiated performances achieved regarding to specification and communication range expected by final users.


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