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About us

ondya services montpellier

Who We Are

     Specialized in wireless communication technologies, we bring wireless business industry, test instruments and services, making connecting things more easy than ever.

Our ambition is to democratize wireless engineering and accelerate IOT business, by lifting all barriers blocking innovating companies to focus on their core business.

Our products will bring you a high quality of wireless expertise, through its high performances, intuitive software and small size, several equipments, all in one, for tenth of standard solutions costs. In addition to product creation, our wireless design center, provides engineering and management services, covering a wide range of applications. All that needs a wireless connectivity, as: metering, tracking, home automation, alarm and security…

As a partner for your connected projects, we bring you through our engineers, more than a decade of experience in the field of custom radio solutions and connected product design. An objective technical point of view and a relevant expertise, regarding hardware platforms (RF modules, RF chips, antennas...), software and radio protocols (LoRaWAN, SIGFOX, Bluetooth, GSM, Wavenis, Zigbee…)

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Some intresting facts you never Learned about ondya ! Sur, we drink lot of cofee...!

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